Our Yoni workshops provide women with a collective support network as we tap into the depths of our womb-power together. Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word that means sacred space, womb or vagina. Through Kundalini yoga and meditation we help sisters transmute generational pains into Yoni power. This is the ancient power that women have carried for centuries; and it can be used to transform their lives and the world.

The work that we do is inspired by the 7th generation principle among indigenous nations across the Western Hemisphere.  The healing that takes place today will help to heal 7 generations before us and 7 generations after us.

Yoni is a rebirth and reboot experience.
— Debbie Rivera, Workshop Participant

Yoni retreats

The keystone for Brujas of Brooklyn is our Yoni retreat. These weekend intensives provide participants an opportunity to immerse themselves into a journey towards re-birth.  Every aspect of the experience is catered to promoting a safe and transformative experience. The focus of the Yoni retreat is to assist participants in releasing old energy patterns as a way to create newer, healthier habits. Participants leave the experience having activated a level of Yoni or womb power that, we trust, will carry them through the ebbs and flow of their respective lives.


yoni workshops

Our Yoni workshops are one-day intensive versions of the retreat. We tap into the energies of the present season to determine the theme for each workshop. For example, our Winter Solstice workshops work with the moon’s energy and provide a space for participants to plant seeds of intentions for the year to come-Vision boards help in capturing this energy.  Our Summer Solstice workshops work with the sun’s energies to celebrate the process of rebirth and re-generation-Love letters to oneself encompass this form of celebration.


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