The World Needs a Witch

Join us on one of our funniest and most candid conversations yet.

We truly let our hair down for this one.

Megan and Katie, thank you for such an amazing experience.

Here’s what these witches had to say about the Brujas:

Griselda and Miguelina Rodriguez, identical Afro-Dominican twins, grew up in pre-gentrified Brooklyn around spells and magic while simultaneously going to Catholic church and watching the neighborhood around them change. This changing Brooklyn inspired both sisters to become professors and activists. The hardships they have been through led them to spiritual awakenings and brought them a teacher of magic.

The two superpower sisters believe in transforming energy through movement, especially kundalini yoga. They discuss the womb and why working with the womb is so important in healing trauma and creation.”

The World Needs a Witch

Miguelina Rodriguez