Feed Your Wild Podcast

The Brujas get into professor mode for this one.

Venessa from Wildly Rooted was fascinated with learning more about our “Woke Womb Work”. In this conversation for her Feed Your Wild Podcast, the Brujas really put on our academic hats and bring you into our respective classrooms. We break down the socio-economic roots of womb imbalances among women of color in countries like the United States. We also discuss how our work is connected to Birthing Justice and its growing need to address racism in maternal care.

Here is what Venessa had to say about the Brujas:

In this conversation, we talk about what bruja means to them and the reclamation of this word and way of being.  They share how they came into “Woke Womb Work” diving deep into the sacred realms of the Yoni and how it relates to socioeconomic and political events and forces.

The Brujas breakdown for us the disparities within reproductive justice, how intergenerational and transgenerational trauma impacts our genes and health today and how conscious work of healing unravels this injustice.

From bleeding, moon cycles, to Kundalini yoga to twerkshops, we're talking about the elements that go into their work and the practical magic that we can implement into our daily lives to empower us.

The Brujas share what they have gained from this work on a personal level, including the healings and gifts that have unfolded over the years through motherhood, dating and in their work in the classroom as professors.

Wildly Rooted


Idris Solomon