Pink Tent


Autumn entered the Northern Hemisphere of the world. Nights are longer, the air grows thinner. The earth calls us to slow down. Reflect and honor the transition of the seasons. Our ancestors followed seasons. They honored cycles. And did so because they understood that the earth provides us with more than food and shelter. It provides guidance.  

Honoring our menstrual cycles is a POWERFUL way to gain access to the earth's guidance. It's during the height of our menstruation cycle, bleeding, that we are most in tune to the earth's pulse. Red tents were a way our female ancestors gathered to share the insight that was gained while we bled. They knew the power of our blood. We've forgotten.

Colonial violence forced us to forget. Capitalistic greed milked us of our energies to the point where self-care is now consumable; a product that only the wealthy can afford. But some of us remember. Our ancestors left us messages encoded in our DNA. We are breaking cycles of ignorance, through ritual, to better access the information in our  blood...our DNA

Join The Brujas of Brooklyn as we reclaim ritual. As we observe a Pink Tent. We'll honor our first moontime, retroactively. We'll go back to your first moon, via ritual, and acknowledge this significant rites of passage. These retroactive rituals help us remove energetic blockages that have developed out of unacknowledged transitions. These energetic blockages show up as feelings of being stuck, inability to engage in deeply loving relationships,   uterine fibroids. To name a few.

Collective womb circles are how Brujas of Brooklyn clear energetic blockages. Come witness this magic. Your yoni will thank you. 

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Idris Solomon